The essence of mud..

Things to do at Machaan

Read Your Favourite Book

How about sitting under the shade of a tree and getting lost in the lives of characters from your favourite book? Book reading is a habit which has been replaced by digital screens and social media. We invite people to choose any book from our limited collection of fiction and nonfiction books and lose themselves in the pages under the shade of a tree.

Machaan Climbing

Think of this, The most comfortable soft mattress which will carry your weight like a cocoon and also provide a phenomenal view of the lush green surroundings. Machaan is a homespun cot popularly known in North India as ‘Manji’ elevated at a height by placing it over a stand of stacked bamboo . We promise you once you're at the top, you won't feel like getting down.

Kite Flying

Enjoy the adventure of Kite Flying activity & relive your childhood memories. You can either play by yourself or indulge in some healthy competition by challenging someone to a duel. Our associates at Machaan will be there to help you get started and prepare your Kite for flight.

Pool Masti

If you’re looking for a stimulating activity to beat the heat, look no further! At Machaan Farms you can enjoy a cool & relaxing dip at our Tubewell pool. So, don’t delay and throw a pool masti party this summer.

Tug of War

Atischoo, atischoo, We all fall down! Engage your muscles and competitive spirits with a game of Tug of War. This classic game can never get old. Challenge your friends and show them your real strength. Great team activity!

Tractor Ride

Get a chance to peek into the local village nearby and understand the countryside lifestyle a little better on a fun ride. An adventurous ride amidst the beauty of the village will make you forget all the hardships of your city life. Give yourself this much-needed day off at Machaan Farms.

Village Tour

If you’re looking for an off-beat experience where you can get lost and then find yourself again, then you may consider visiting a village. A guided tour of our farms and nearby village will give you a better perspective of village life and age-old farming methods practiced by our farmers.

Mini Golf

As the name suggests, mini golf is basically a miniature version of golf. So, even if you aren’t a professional player, we give you an opportunity to come and try out your arm’s natural swing motion with a shot or two.

Kagaz Ki Kashti

“Magar mujhko lauta do bachpan ka saawan, woh kaagaz ki kashti, woh baarish ka paani.” We provide you with an opportunity to showcase your creativity, DIY a paper boat and see it floating with the flow of water. Indulge in this childhood favorite, rainy-day activity.


At Machaan Farms you will get a chance to learn the art of playing marbles with your kids & friends. Relive this long lost childhood game and experience the simple pleasures that life has to offer.


Also known as Hopscotch, this is another one of those classic games. Create your own court and play with as many members as you like. Here at Machaan, people of all ages enjoy this engaging game.

Gilli Danda

This game originated in India over 2500 years ago. Similar to modern day cricket, it is a great team sport and teaches hand-eye coordination, strength and team spirit. Enjoy this rustic game with your friends and family. We stock our own custom made gilli and danda. .

Bullock Cart Ride

Have you ever been fascinated by the village scenes that we’ve often seen in Bollywood films? Here’s your chance, to come and experience the same village scenes and immerse in the rustic earthy feeling while sitting on a bullock cart.

Sand Castle

Build a castle at Machaan Farms.! Use your creativity to build your own sand castle from scratch - and once you are done, remember to tag us when you post your creation online!

Festival Celebration

They say we should celebrate life, not just festivals. Experience the festive spirit of the country speckled with an ample dose of colors, dance, folk songs; all packed into a wholesome package, offered at Machaan Farms just to get you into the festive vibe.