The essence of mud..

Machaan Farms

A Cozy and homely place away from the city to relax and spend time with family and friends.

Machaan Farms is owned by a hospitable North Indian family. Owing to its name, Machaan, this place gives you a better perspective of a simple lifestyle that has gotten lost in today’s fast paced world. Spread across lush lemon fields, come and engage with the echoes and illustrations of nature.

Spend some time relaxing amidst the rustic landscape and take a trip down memory lane by indulging in activities like Gulli-danda, Kite flying and Stapu. Enjoy homely meals accompanied by the chirping of birds and fresh, pollution free air to rejuvenate your senses. Every aspect of Machaan farms is curated with affection to deliver a unique experience to our guests.


Come And Fall In Love With Farm Life!